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Does your organization know about Bill 168?

Is your organization prepared to investigate a Workplace Bullying complaint?

Can your Managers recognize Bullying vs Harassment?

Does your HR personnel have the skills to investigate or discipline a Workplace Bully?

There are several levels of Workplace Bullying:

1) Corporate Bullying (especially after a 'takeover'),
2) Senior Management to Manager Bullying,
3) Employer to Employee Bullying,
4) Employee to Employee Bullying,
5) Employee to Employer Bullying,and
6) Customer to Employee Bullying.

Chances are that you or your organization has been effected by workplace bullying. In a study conducted at Wayne State University shows that 21.5 percent of employees have been bullied in some way during the past 12 months. Awareness is crucial, so take action to increase your understanding of Bullying. An Employer that does not respond to a complaint of Workplace Bullying will be putting themselves in a vulnerable position for litigation.

Workplace Bullying also effects organizations in other ways. A study at the University of North Carolina found that Workplace Bullying is the leading cause of workplace absences. Twenty-eight percent of employees actually missed work to avoid their tormentor. Fifty-two percent of victims spend company time worrying about their tormentor rather than working.

Victims of Workplace Bullying often can not label the bullying. Rather than protesting about the bullying they feel guilty and wonder what they are doing wrong. Often the victims are easy to manipulate, exploit and control and therefore, bullies are attracted to vulnerable people. Bullying involves persistent, abusive and intimidating behaviour designed to make the victim feel upset, humiliated, nervous and threatened.

Bullies enjoying partnering with allies or "mobbing". "Mobbing? is a group's systematic intimidation or conscious exclusion of a targeted individual. (Exclusion from meetings, lunches, social functions.) The goal is to coerce, control or punish another person in order to intimidate co-workers or berate the power of a supervisor -- which could lead to that person's dismissal.

How do bullies become managers? Mostly they climb the corporate ladder because they have great technical or writing skills but lack interpersonal skills. Intimidated employees are scared. They rarely complain, leaving bad supervisors undiscovered by management for a long time. It is often the victim of Workplace Bullying that suffers the discipline consequences.

Workplace Mediation

Workplace Mediation is available to assist in the investigation of a Workplace Bullying complaint.

Workplace Mediation fees are $240.00 per hour + hst.


Your staff knows about Bill 168 and knows they must report Workplace Bullying. Now what?

Do they understand why and how workplace bullying occurs?

This program takes workplace bullying from an emotional reaction to an intellectual understanding that reduces fear and conflict.

This program is a MUST for HR personnel that investigate and discipline workplace bullying.


"WORKPLACE BULLYING - Understanding the How and the Why"
Presenter: Janet McCredie
Date: September 15, 2010