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Your Privacy

The Relationship Resolution Centre, Inc. will take every security measure to protect the privacy of their clients. Files will be labeled with Numerical Codes rather than names and cross references to a list that is held separate from the file. All documents leaving with Centre will be cross-cut shredded. No files will be stored on computers but on separate portable hard-drives that will be stored at a different secure location. All files will be in a locked file cabinet (in a locked office) when not being worked upon. All personal information will be held in the strictest confidence and will not be released to anyone with written permission from the client.

All clients in the Divorce Recovery Programs will be required to sign and agree to a Code of Confidentiality Agreement. All members will be advised not to discuss other group members issues outside of the group and not to refer to their group members by name. Each Divorce Recovery Program member will be informed of the names of the other group members to ensure that they are not paired with their ex-partner or another familiar person with whom they do not wish to associate.

All Individual Coaching/Counselling session, Family Mediation and Divorce Mediations are conducted in 'Closed' Mediation sessions. This means that all information discussed directly with a Coach will be held confidential. As well, if the Family or Divorce Mediation fails, the files are destroyed and the Mediator can not be called to be a witness in future court hearings.

As Collaborative Law Mental Health Professionals, all conversations are considered 'Open' and information can be shared with the opposite party and their lawyer. With 'Open' mediation, the Mental Health Professional can be called to give witness testimony in future court hearings.