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Personality Disturbed Partners (PDPs)

Sit Back
Honestly think about your former love relationships or partners.
Think about the behaviours and traits of these partners.
Remember your communication and fighting styles.
Remember the comments of your friends and family.
Remember the effects on your health and well-being.

  • Did things start off wonderfully but then come to a screeching halt for some reason?
  • Did you notice something weird about this person and decided to proceed with the relationship anyway?
  • Does your partner appear to be completely unaware of his impact on others and the effects of his behaviour?
  • Is your partner OK with behaviours you find quite inappropriate, perhaps even disturbing?
  • When you make efforts to correct the problems, does your partner fail to respond or follow through (suggesting little motivation to change)?
  • Is your partner frequently in intense conflict with you, other people, or even institutions and employers?
  • Did you see less and less of your friends and family because of your partner?
  • Was your partner psychologically abusive to you, saying comments such as .. No it is your fault or You are worthless
  • Does your partner create a positive first impression on people, only to later display problems with anger, poor social interaction, or manipulation?
  • Is your partner odd and eccentric to the point that it causes him rejection?
  • Does your partner seem to feel most comfortable when he is the primary focus and you are diminished by comparison?
  • Does your partner have such profound needs for your attention or adulation that you feel exhausted managing the relationship?
  • Is your partner so rigid and regimented that changes to the routine provoke anxiety or anger?

Most Personality Disturbed Partners or PDPs do not think they have a problem. In fact, in most cases they make YOU think that you are the one with the problem. One of the most discouraging things about PDPs is the very low probability that they will change significantly.

Now consider this, nearly 1 in 5 potential partners has some serious personality problem. Add encounters in singles bars or online dating services (settings that appeal to those who have had trouble finding love elsewhere) then the probability of meeting weird personalities escalates even more!

PDP coaching helps you to:
  • determine if you are with a PDP (rather than someone with a few annoying habits or eccentricities),
  • determine why you are attracted to PDPs,
  • realize why they are attracted to you,
  • adapt behaviour strategies to live with a PDP,
  • understand your common questions about being married to a PDP,
  • look at your own patterns of attraction and do something about them,
  • make hard choices about staying with or leaving a PDP partner.

Costs for PDP Coaching services:
  • Relationship Coaching is available for $120.00 + hst per hour.
  • Please call for a daytime or evening appointment.