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Why Divorce (Comprehensive) Mediation?

It is a Cheaper, Faster and Healthier way to end your marriage.

+ When you need a Lawyer
Divorce Mediation is facilitated negotiation within the boundaries of the Ontario Family Law Act.

At the Relationship Resolution Centre, Inc. all Mediators have been trained by the STITT FELD HANDY Group. We help couples focus of the necessary components to close down the 'business' of their marriage without the expense and emotional attacks.

Only 'Closed' Mediation is conducted at the Relationship Resolution Centre, Inc. This means that only items agreed upon will be included in any written documents and all other undecided issues can not be disclosed or discussed by staff of the RRC. Mediation begins with a signed Conduct Agreement that details how the mediation will be conducted, how participants are to conduct their behaviour during mediation, confidentiality and privacy of information, processes of mediation and potential results that can be expected and the necessity of legal counsel.

During mediation it may be necessary to have separate caucuses (one-on-one sessions) to discuss individual issues in private with the Mediator. The Mediator may also use this time to present a ‘reality check’ on your situation. This ‘reality check’ is known as a BATNA – Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement. Often clients will need time to think about the offer(s) or simply time to calm down. You will decide what information from the Caucus can be shared.

The Mediators of the Relationship Resolution Centre, Inc. are also Divorce Recovery Coaches and can help with the stages of anger and despair.

Divorce Mediation participants must seek their own independent legal counsel to review the Mediated Summary and have it formatted into a Separation Agreement. See Tips section to understand what you should look for in a lawyer and how you can be a better client.