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Separation Support Services

+ Tips for Separation
You have said the words out loud. “It’s over”. Maybe you are the one to say it or your spouse has said these words to you. You can’t believe it. You think you are making a mistake. You think your spouse has made a mistake.

Perhaps your spouse has been unfaithful. Now there is nothing but anger.

NOW is the time to talk to a Separation Coach. A Separation Coach will work on your behalf only. They will help you to understand the important aspects of your separation so that you do not make costly mistakes that will affect you, your relationship with your children, or your financial matters.

The Separation Coach will help you understand the Anatomy of an Argument so that potential conversations with your ex-spouse remain calm, non-incriminating and so that you will less triggered to anger.

All staff of the Relationship Resolution Centre, Inc. have experienced separation and divorce. They understand the pain and hurt that you are experiencing and understand your need for unbiased support and direction at this devastating time in your life. All the Separation Coaches have also been trained as Divorce Recovery Coaches and therefore understand why you are going through the stages and how you can control these stages.

Staff are available for:
  • one-on-one coaching,
  • support during mediation or litigation,
  • help you through the denial, grief, fear, anger stages of your separation.

Fees for Separation Support services:
  • Individual Separation Support is available for $120.00 per hour + hst. Please call for a daytime or evening appointment.

  • Payment arrangements will be considered.