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Do You Need a Separation Recovery Program

+ Separation Thoughts
Is it time to quit? Couples agonize with the choices of staying in a 'hopeless marriage' or leaving and struggling with the sudden life changes. Some partners can not accept that their marriage is over. Many couples say that they knew their marriage was over years ago.

A marriage usually does not end over one single event. Hopeless marriages usually involve partners that have been living together with either complete disdain and blame, or complete indifference. Some have given up on sex, some have taken on lovers. They hold one common belief: their relationship is hopeless, irreconcilable and they don't know how to leave. They feel trapped, victimized, paralyzed, abused, trampled, shamed, wounded and usually without resources or support.

All staff of the Relationship Resolution Centre, Inc. have experienced separation and divorce. They understand the pain and hurt that you are experiencing and understand your need for unbiased support and direction at this devastating time in your life.

Staff are available for:
  • one-on-one coaching,
  • support during mediation or litigation,
  • support with written and verbal communications with your ex-partner
  • group coaching sessions to get your through the denial, grief, fear, anger stages of your separation.

Fees for Separation Coaching services:

  • Individual Coaching is available for $120.00 per hour + hst. Please call for an appointment.



Presenter: Janet McCredie
Ottawa RESA Chapter (Real Estate Staging Association)
Date: Thursday, April 19, 2012
Location: Custom Home Interiors, 2202 Thurston Drive, Ottawa
Register with Kristy Morrison, Capital Home Staging, info@chsd.ca