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Do you want a detailed Parenting Plan that covers more than just visitation times?

Do you want to avoid any 'grey areas' of custody that lead to arguments?

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One of the most flexible agreements of separation and divorce is the Parenting Plan. The goal of mediation is to reach a positive, fair and workable agreement with individualized solutions that satisfy the underlying interests of both parents and each of their children.

Foremost, mediation takes into account the interests of the children. Parents will mutually develop a positive parenting plan with their ex-partner and look at access in a new and mature way.

Some of the typical issues mediators can help parents resolve:

1. How will major decisions such as living arrangements, education, language, healthcare, religious training, and other extra-curricular activities be made?
2. When will the children be with each parent? A progressive access plan may need to be considered depending on the development and cognitive stage of the child. Example: newborn vs kindergarten vs grade school vs high school.
3. How will birthdays, statutory and religious holidays, school vacation periods and special occasions be handled?
4. How will the visitation schedule be adjusted if lateness or cancellation occurs?
5. How will the parents communicate with each other about the children? Understand that your children will remember your behaviour during this time.
6. What role will grand-parents and other relatives play in the children’s lives?
7. How will any future disputes be resolved?

Costs of Parenting Plan Mediation are $240.00 per hour + hst.

Average time needed to establish a parenting plan is 6 to 10 hours.
Parenting Plan Interim Agreement can be implemented by parents upon completion.

A Retainer will be required.