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Divorce Mediation Services

+ Why Choose Divorce Mediation?


  • Lower financial costs.

  • Mediation is conducted as a professional business deal meeting rather than a validation of fault and blame.

  • Faster emotional and health recovery due to prompt resolution and prevention of disputes.

  • Mediators are trained and unbiased which allow parties to have an equal say in the entire process.

  • Parties find it easier to express themselves in mediation.

  • Parties appreciate increased privacy and control over decisions.

  • Individual sessions, rather than couples mediation are also offered.

  • Mediators meet with legal counsel to fine tune agreements.

  • The range of solutions is wider in mediation.

  • There are high levels of lasting settlements as they are reached through negotiation rather than imposed.

  • Many clients feel they change the way they handle conflict due to their mediation experience.

  • All Mediators of the Relationship Resolution Centre, Inc. have been through separation and divorce and therefore understand the stages of grief and anger of divorce.

Cost of Mediation: $240.00 per hour + hst.

A Retainer is required. A detailed summary of time and work will be provided.

Evening appointments are available and preferred.


Ottawa RESA Chapter (Real Estate Staging Association)

Presenter: Janet McCredie
Topic: "Divorcing your House"
Date: Thursday, April 19, 2012
Location: Custom Home Interiors, 2202 Thurston Drive, Ottawa
Register with Kristy Morrison, Capital Home Staging, info@chsd.ca