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**Can your ex-spouse still get you angry, upset or anxious?**

**Are your conversations, actions, emotions being used against you in court?**

**Do you still not know why you have feelings for your ex?**

**Are you so emotionally fragile that you are having trouble
with divorce proceedings?**

**Are family and friends avoiding you because all you want to talk about is your ex?**

**Are you now a Boomer and single? How do you become an individual again?

+ Benefits of Divorce Recovery
It has happened! You and your spouse/partner have separated and divorced.

Now what? You feel alone, in disbelief, angry, scared, anxious, numb, depressed and vulnerable! It is time to get help and support to get you through the most devastating time of your life.

Staff of the Relationship Resolution Centre, Inc. has experienced separation and divorce. They understand the pain and hurt that you are going through and understand your need for unbiased support and direction at this devastating time in your life.

Divorce Recovery coaching at the Relationship Resolution Centre helps you:
  • Understand the emotional and recovery stages of divorce
  • Handle and control difficult situations and encounters with your ex,
  • Understand why you get upset at certain things,
  • Learn how to not to let your ex escalate bad encounters,
  • Gain strength from understanding the process more logically,
  • Have a safe place to discuss problems,
  • Understand what you will need from yourself and future partners,
  • Understand relationship styles,
  • Realize that you are not alone!
Staff are available for:
  • One-on-one sessions to focus your thoughts and get you through the healing process and recovery stages of your divorce,
  • Support during mediation or litigation,
  • Support with correspondence with your ex,
  • Support to help you heal other relationships that have suffered during your divorce.

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