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Helping Children of Divorce to Understand

+ tips for children of divorce
The ability of your child to understand the effects and emotional impact of divorce will depend on their development stage. Children between 2 and 4 must have separation and divorce explained to them in a different way than if they are 4 to 8, 8 to 12 or teenagers.

Many parents are too emotional or angry to give their children a calm and unbiased explanation of the situation. Children have overheard arguments, seen the tears, or think that they have caused the break-up of the marriage. They may have questions that cause the parents to breakdown during their conversations or that the parents just donít know how to answer the questions.

A Separation Coach understands the development stages of children and can offer a clearer explanation and can gear the conversations to the appropriate level that is accepted and understood more readily by the child. Often the child is more open with the Separation Coach because they donít want to tell these things to the parents in fear of upsetting or hurting them.

Separation is stressful and itís normal for all involved, including children to need time to adjust to the separation.

Sessions will be conducted individually or in groups of children, depending on the ages, emotional instability or issues identified by the family.

Costs for Children of Divorce Coaching is $120.00 + hst per hour.

Please call for an appointment.