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**Is your Teenager's grades dropping because of video games?**

**Does your Teenager twist the house rules to his advantage?**

**Does your Teenager just yell at you when you want to discuss a problem?**

The Relationship Resolution Centre, Inc. is introducing a new mediation program, Behaviour Contracts.

What is a Behaviour Contract?

A Behaviour Contract is a mediated agreement between the parent and child on specific topics of concern (amount of time spent playing video games, use of family vehicle, dating, household attitude and behaviours, acting out, minor criminal activities, drug use). The mediation process establishes ground rules for discussions. No abusive language, yelling, interrupting, name calling, etc. is allowed. Both parents will be able to freely and respectfully discuss and discover their true interests behind the problems. When both parent(s) and child understand the true interests behind the problems, then they can then come to a solution. Mediation will endeavour to keep everyone discussing the issues in a calm and civil manner. Only then will the solution evolve.

  • Determine what type of relationship that you have with your child.
  • Determine is unhealthy in your parent/child relationship.
  • Improve your communication style and skills.
  • Learn how to clearly state the problem(s)and get to your true Interests behind the problem.
  • Understand why you fight.
  • Learn how to stop the fighting.
  • Learn to communicate with everyone more positively.

Behaviour Contract Mediation

Mediations will be available in the evening or weekends only.