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Financial Divorce Analysis

+ Financial Checklist
The role of the Financial Divorce Specialist (FDS) during the separation and divorce process is to provide financial information specific to choices for the individual's situation. This insight of options takes into account the current income, expenses, assets, liabilities, tax situation of the divorcing parties. It is then possible to model alternative separation options showing the long term financial effects on the parties. The Financial Divorce Specialist provides an objective view in an emotional situation.

The Financial Divorce Specialist can enter into the process of divorce at one of many points. At the beginning to help prepare the financial statements that accompany the divorce application or reply. Once an initial settlement is offered an FDS can evaluate this offer, looking at the short and long term consequences of the proposal.

Through the use of exclusive, specialized software, settlement options are developed with alternatives that provide the necessary information for both parties. As a part of the services provided to the client and their legal team, a written report showing the possible results of each choice is necessary.

A Financial Divorce Specialist provides services on an hourly basis and can be hired by either the individual, the couple or by legal counsel.