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Family Mediation Between Parents and Children

See also Behaviour Contracts and Parenting Plans

Constant fighting and unresolved conflict in families leads to distant relationships, divorce, abandonment, troubled children, family estrangements and sometimes violence.

Often family members can not express themselves well enough to state what is really bothering them about an issue. It is easier to default to the issue because it is an emotional statement usually deflected at another person.

Family mediation at the Relationship Resolution Centre, Inc. is not just a 'talk it out' session. Family members will be re-trained to communicate better and alter their fighting styles.

Benefits of Family Mediation:

Family mediation emphasizes respect and civility. It prompts children and teenagers to understand their interests and the interests of their parents. It gets everyone off the issues and discovers the real wants, needs and desires of everyone involved. Viable options are then solicited from all involved to discover new ways to deal with issues and interests.

Children and family members often find it easier to express themselves in mediation. The mediator ensures that they have an equal voice and equalizes the power between child and parent.

Costs of Mediation:

Family Mediation fees are $240.00 per hour + hst.