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Everyone needs 'Coaching' in some aspect of their life!

Most people are familiar with the term ‘Coaching’ as it relates to a team sport. If you have ever attended a high school gym class or played a recreational or competitive sport, you will remember your High School Coach (either fondly or not so fondly).

A Sports Coach focuses on one particular sport and focuses on the skills needed to perform that sport well. With a Sports Coach you will receive:
  • An overall knowledge about the sport,
  • Learn the rules of the game,
  • Learn the techniques,
  • Practice the techniques of the sport,
  • Learn about your opponents,
  • Practice some more,
  • Attend a social event with your team mates,
  • Play the game.
  • If you win you feel good,
  • If you lose, you analyze and fine-tune the techniques for the next match.
  • You receive a ‘pep-talk’ and have your strengths reinforced.
  • You are once again prepared to the next match.
Coaching is a dynamic relationship that allows you to take a close look at your life and choose what part of your life that you want to strengthen or change.

Coaching allows you to explore who you really are without the fear of being judged or belittled.


All of the Above!

A Relationship Coach will help you as much as you want. All change and effort depends on you. All progress depends on your drive and commitment. Individuals who are highly motivated will create a significant change in their life.

Relationship Coaching is similar to sports coaching in the fact that you decide in which skills you would need more training, such as your Dating Skills or Relationship Skills. Coaching focuses on one topic, gives you knowledge on the topic, practices techniques that you can use, gives you insight on your opponents, practice more techniques, gives you a Coach to confide in and then finally, you get out there to play the game.

Coaching is not Counselling. Counselling attempts to dig deep into your past to determine the root of your problem and gets you to rethink the thought patterns, learn new behaviours or adopt ways to lessen the problem. Coaching starts on the assumption that everyone needs training in many aspects of their life. The more relationship training you get, the easier it is for you to manage various encounters that you will run into throughout your life.

Coaching has been around for many years. We readily remember coaching for sports, driving a car, public speaking, job hunting, on-the-job training, etc.

Coaching available at the Relationship Resolution Centre, Inc. include:
  • Singles Coaching
  • Couples Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Separation Coaching
  • Divorce Recovery Coaching